4 sections of modular floating pontoons to suit all your needs

Our RotoDock sections are made of low density polyethylene

They are available in 4 standard monobloc models to be assembled by couplers, from which all configurations can be made

RotoDock is suitable for calm waters (lakes, rivers)

Dimensions Weight Floatation Part #
A 1.0m X 1.5m X 38cm 45 kg 455 kg # RDS-01010
B 1.0m X 3.0m X 38cm 85 kg 910 kg # RDS-01020
C 1.5m X 3.0m X 38cm 130 kg 1360 kg # RDS-01030
D 2.0m X 3.0m X 38cm 170 kg 1815 kg # RDS-01040

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Why RotoDock modular floating pontoons are
so stable

The unique design of our monobloc dock sections is characterised by the alternation of closed buoyancy caissons and open chambers

The closed caissons contain only air, they ensure a flotation capacity of 305kg/ m²

The open chambers keep the air under the deck of the dock section, which creates a suction effect therefore generating an impressive stability.

This alternation of open and closed caissons creates vertical reinforcements that guarantee the flatness of the pontoon deck, a guarantee of comfort and safety

Modularity and ease of assembly

The RotoDock sections are assembled with recycled rubber couplers, with screws in composite material. Connection points consisting of pockets are located every 50cm on all 4 sides of each section

The assembly is very easy, it can be done by yourself or by one of our teams

Anchoring, gangways, railings and accessories









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