With JetPort Plus, Max or Flexi, getting your jet ski on the water and dry has never been easier

JetPort Plus: a condensed efficiency of 1.50m wide and less than 4.00m long

  • more than 1 ton floatability
  • soft and curved V-shape entry
  • 14 side rollers that lift the hull
  • 2 holes at the head of the dock for easy anchoring
  • raised bow to protect and secure the jet ski
  • available in grey or beige

2.410€ VAT included - Out of delivery

JetPort Max: the big brother

  • wider, 2.00m, and stronger, with buoyancy of 1340kg
  • the rest is the same as the JetPort Plus
  • also available in beige and grey

2.935€ VAT included - Out of delivery

JetPort Flexi: from the smallest to the largest

To make the JetPort Flexi, we've cut the JetPort Plus into 3 parts to be assembled by couplers: the head (A), the middle part (B) and the entry (C)

You can create a 3-meter-long JetPort for your swing-arm jet ski, or create a made-to-measure JetPort to park 2, 3, 4... jet skis in a row

  1. 1.045€
  2. 725€
  3. 955 €

Couplers and VAT included - Out of delivery



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